Jungian analysis

Jungian analysis, which takes place in a dialectical relationship between analyst and analysand, has for its goal the analysand’s movement toward psychological wholeness. This transformation of the personality requires coming to terms with the unconscious, its specific structures and their dynamic relations to consciousness as these become available during the course of analysis. Transformation also […]

O corpo em terapia: a abordagem corporal na psicoterapia junguiana

O corpo em terapia: a abordagem corporal na psicoterapia junguiana Psique em Equilibrio – Muitas das pessoas que nos procuram para um tratamento psicoterápico trazem, além das questões emocionais e comportamentais, relatos de sintomas de ordem física, como: dores diversas (cefaléias, dores musculares, etc.), problemas gastrointestinais, cansaço, tensāo, desânimo, alterações do sono, do apetite, da […]


THE PROCESS OF INDIVIDUATION INDIVIDUATION Individuation is the gradual development of a wider and more mature personality. The process of individuation is the lifelong psychic growth of an individual, which happens involuntarily and naturally. The process follows a pattern that Jung believed would emerge through dreams. The self serves as the organizing center of the […]

Reading Jung from a Spiritual Perspective

Reading Jung from a Spiritual Perspective Self-realization in the Work of Carl Jung On this Blog, I offer a reading of Carl Jung’s work from a spiritual perspective. More specifically, I read his work from the perspective of Self-realization and enlightenment. Carl Jung was a psychoanalyst, researcher of archetypes and spiritual seeker. Jung sought to understand the […]